January 14, 2014

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Exploring with Confidence

Kop Khun Kha!! That's how you say 'How are you?' to a girl in Thai. Due to the train's 3-hour delay, our estimated time of arrival at Chiang Mai was moved from 11am to 2pm. But that doesn't mean we didn't enjoy the trip! :)

Because of our delayed arrival, our complimentary city tour was cut short and the pushy tour guide brought us instead to tourist trap restaurants and souvenir shops. We're not complaining though, they served us authentic Thai pork and noodles which cost way cheaper than in Bangkok! And because it's my birthday, I got a Vishnu relic too! (for protection) :)

Back in the PH, the first thing Patricia and I bought before anything else was this deal for 2 from Cash Cash Pinoy since we thought Chiang Mai was near Bangkok. (It really pays to know your geography.) For P6,500 ($145.00), we were able to stay in this lovely hotel in Furama, have breakfast buffet, and the city tour.

Besty calling her Mom from home making sure we're still alive :p
Not wanting to waste any time, we headed out and asked directions on how to get to the old city so we can reschedule our Segway tour.

If our Jeepneys and FX have babies, it would look pretty much like this.
We got to the old city and fixed our tour scheduled the next day. I'm a big fan of curry so ever since I got here, I kept on asking where the best curry place was. And I was led to this:

But we just had lunch so I wasn't that hungry yet. So we walked around and saw a whole strip of book shops! I was on Cloud 9. :)


I solemnly pledge that I am up to no good.
Wish I can bring home this map!
We strolled around the Chiang Mai night market! There are so many good finds that I wished I could shop more till I remembered we had limited space. Plus we were commuting so I brought home pictures instead:

Dinner came and we were so hungry & tired from all the walking. We wolfed around 3 plates filled with Pad Thai, sushi, and the most extremely spicy curry i've ever had in my life.. All for 100 baht! We had gelato to extinguish our burning buds.

I had mint chocolate just to cool my mouth.
After our heavy dinner, we walked a few more blocks until we bumped into Kevin and Veda, aka the couple from the train! We tried to set up a night out before we leave, but never got the chance. Hope I bump into those guys again. Another thing we weren't able to do was experience authentic Thai massage! Every time Pat and I would plan to get one, it would always be after walking for long hours. So having to choose whether to get our bodies stroked by some mystery lady or a warm shower before going to bed... we chose the latter. That I still regret. Nonetheless, I had so much fun walking around the city with confidence!

Furama Hotel at night
More of Chiang Mai on my next post! I just loved exploring the city so much that I had to separate our other activities from this. I'm starting to feel like a local. :)