March 25, 2014

Caramoan, Bicol: Island Hopping with Clingy Castaways (Part II)

Day 2 at Caramoan started with a minor hangover. We woke up light-headed because of what our friend, Ryan, prepared for us the night before. The effect was actually perfect for our next island adventure.

Mikhail, Anton, and Divine :)
Since we left town a little late, we arrived and had lunch at Cotivas Island, the last islet of Caramoan's peninsula. Kuya Ismael (Our guide) told us that beyond this island lies the open sea. Fishermen who went past this island never returned.

Probably the biggest seashell i've seen in my life

Lunch included in the package

Aina prepared her own since she was on Cohen diet.

The heat was getting uncomfortable so we transferred to Manlawi Island to take a dip at the sand bar that looked like a huge pool in a beach.

Photobombing the couple

This part was the highlight of our Day 2. We swam, laughed and acted out like dolphins and mermaids, doing silly things, and making the most out of our last day in the islands. Our next island was used as a venue for the reward challenges in Survivor.

The moment we landed at Bageing, 3 of my daredevil friends headed on to the rock formations and climbed to the top.

Glaiza, Aina, and Ging at Bageing
After a few photoshoots, we checked out one of the caves.

Whoops! Nothing to see here. :p
Our guide said Survivor used these caves to interview the castaways individually.

But since we're clingy, no need to separate. :p
We explored the other side of the island called Sabitang Laya, where the ousted castaway gets the final interview.

Drying up at Sabitang Laya
And that's a wrap. For some reason, with all the islands that we visited, we still had spare time. Kuya Ismael brought us to this beautiful cave called Bulang-Bugang, where the shallow spring gets deeper when you head inside.

The mystical Bulang-Bugang
We killed time at this enchanting place. Others were diving from the top while Ryan, Divine, Monique, Mikhail, and I had a few rounds of local beer at the hut. Everything was just perfect. We arrived at the rest house at around 6pm and prepared for supper.

We may be good at art but you can't rely us on Math

So what do you get out of the 800-peso package for 6 meals? For this one, we had Sinigang, grilled squid, authentic Bicol Express, unlimited rice, and bananas. 
We had another round of hardcore rum, but this time we ditched the playing cards. Our last night was all about reminiscing fun times during and after college, our plans for the future and the present craziness such as creating impromptu jingles about the whole trip. We left the Island at 11am, stayed in Naga until 5pm, departed via Peñafrancia bus, and arrived in Manila at around 4am. 

In a nutshell, This trip was another noteworthy one for the books. We came, we saw, and we survived the whole Caramoan trip with all smiles and good vibes :)

P.S. While waiting for your bus ride at Naga, dine at Biggs (Inside SM Naga Mall). It's a must! :)