April 25, 2014

Siem Reap, Cambodia - Angkor What?

There is a local bar in Siem Reap that promotes irresponsible drinking. It may often be mistaken as the iconic temple, but the Angkor What? Bar claims to be the coolest party place in Pub Street. 

The perfect watering hole
Upon arrival at our hostel at Check-Inn, Kyla, Patricia, and I decided to just leave our stuff and explore Siem Reap's famous Pub Street. We passed by this graffiti-heavy place where locals and foreigners hang out. At first, these people were just drinking and laughing, but as the night went deeper, the crowd became happier. Alcohol in Siem Reap is cheap. 

Round 1

The Angkor Beer reminds me of PH's San Miguel Pale, only smoother. :)
On our first night, we had a total of four rounds of drinks. We tried the local 'Angkor' beer for a dollar c/o Kyla.

Patricia paid for the $3/shot Jager Bomb.
Then I took care of our $2.50/shot B52s.
When midnight struck, we found ourselves dancing to cheesy pop music, along with everyone else, to the point that Kyla fell on the floor but still continued partying as if nothing happened. (She had a bad sprain for a month after this night)

Our last round was an 8-dollar Jack Coke in a piss bucket. I'm telling you, they're very generous with their alcohol! We promised ourselves it would be the last drink of the night.

Ladies from USA. I hate these blurred lines.
Dancing on top of the chair's ledge is normal. Just don't fall off.
We met ladies and gents from New Zealand and USA as we danced, talked, and ended up half-assed drunk until we left the bar. We had a hard time finding a tuktuk on our way back to the hostel. Kyla swore her foot was starting to sore, and would probably end her drinking spree. Of course it was a lie. We got home safely and returned to the same bar the next night. :)

Round 2

Welcome to Pub Street
Right after shopping at the Night Market, we went straight to Pub Street and decided to have a drink at the same bar. The crowd was less crazy than the night before. We ordered the same set of drinks, only this time, we added new ones on the list: Absinthe and Magic Melon. 

Magic Melon. A concoction of vodka and melon liqueur. Gone. 
Every table was occupied. So as soon as the group of American girls vacated the table nearest to the exit, I found myself rushing towards it. During the night, another group shared the table with us and this lovely lady asked if she could buy a cigarette stick for a dollar. We declined her money and just gave it for free because a pack of their local cig costs only $1! 

As the night grew deeper, the in-house dj started to play our favorite cheesy club music. My sprained friend, Kyla, just sat, careful of her swollen foot, while Patricia and I, danced like there's no tomorrow. And because of my high energy, I bumped into another lady who shared with our table (and would later become my friend). The crowd was getting rowdy and the locals who partied too much started to make a scene. They were sent out of the bar. And as the crazy locals passed in our direction, I looked at the lady and thought of the same thing (What the hell just happened?) I introduced myself, she did the same, and in an instant, I made a new friend.

This is Kiernan from California, USA. Check out her entertaining Southeast Asia Adventures at exploringtheotherhalf.tumblr.com
She's on a 2-month backpacking vacation in SE Asia and was on her first week of traveling when we met. I also met her groovy relatives, Aunt Janet & Uncle Scott. (Cool folks, btw!) We talked until we finished our 2nd round of Magic Melons (C/o her aunt and uncle). It was 2:30AM and our call time for the Angkor temples was at 5. I got her tumblr and facebook details to keep in touch, then we said our goodbyes.

Two nights at Angkor What? Bar was enough for us. We spent our last night in Cambodia, sleeping early and getting a Khmer massage. Even though that bar left us with bad hangovers and injuries, we lived up to it's motto: promote irresponsible drinking. We will always remember those nights where we drank and partied hard like we just turned 18. If you're in Siem Reap and up for the perfect nightlife, Angkor what? bar is for you. :)