January 7, 2015

Quezon City, Metro Manila: The Best Burga in Town is at Pepe's Meat

NKKLK - (adverb) or Nakakaloka means mind-blowing. That was how I felt when I first found out that I no longer have to go all the way to U.P or Maginhawa to eat at Snack Shack because Pepe's Meat, a small burger joint in Kamuning, has just opened.

These meat patties are Pepe's Meat's grilled Burgas
From 1PM-7PM, these 'Burgas' are ready to feed everyone's hungry bellies. 

Pepe's Meat's menu
My personal favorite, the NKKLK, costs only P100 wherein you get 2 CHAR-grilled beef burger patties topped with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, mayo, ketchup, and toasted buns. Match it with a bottle of Coke and you get a perfect lunch.

Ellaine, the Burga Warrior
Pepe's Meat is located at J. Erestain  St. corner Kamuning Road. (Turn left if you're coming from EDSA, right if you're coming from Tomas Morato/E.Rodriguez). Patricia Cadsawan, owner/proprietor and resident Beks of Pepe's Meat suggests to come at 5pm to secure a spot, avoid the crowd and prevent from running out of those honest to goodness Burgas. :)

Oh those BORTAs.
Price Range - 60 to 130 Pesos
Waiting time - 15 to 20 mins per order
Parking and tables are limited
Quality - 5/5

Do these beef burger patties make you hungry? Visit Pepe's Meat's Facebook page for more info.